Landlord Landmines


Real estate investors often think owning and managing a rental property is as simple as signing the lease agreement and collecting a check each month. The truth is that property management requires dedication, time management and attention to detail.  Some of the most simplistic aspects of owning a rental property are often overlooked.  The following highlights some of the basic responsibilities investors must be prepared for when owning rental properties.

1. ...

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A Simple Guide to Take-Out Financing

Real estate investors will typically use a short-term or hard money loan to acquire and renovate properties to flip or rent.  This type of loan offers quick access to capital and a speedy close, but typically must be paid off within six to nine months.  Borrowers flipping the property will pay the short term note off once the home is sold. ...

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What is Title Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

man signing paperwork, new home in background

When you take title to a piece of property, it means that you are the legal owner. Title insurance protects both lenders and real estate owners from property loss or damage that relates to defects, liens, encumbrances or title clouds. Owner’s title insurance is a low, one-time fee based on the value of your home.  With ...

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9 Basic Tips for Buying a Rental Property

Hand writing the text: Rental Income

Purchasing a rental home is a substantial investment. Your investment should be solid and produce enough cash flow to make it worth your time, energy and the financial commitment that is necessary to be a successful landlord.

Not every home makes a good rental. In fact, a valuable rental requires that real properties meet several key ...

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Five Important Criteria to Consider When Evaluating Property Management Companies

Property Management concept image with business icons and copyspace.

Managing your rental properties can overwhelm even the most experienced real estate investors. It’s a nonstop job that can dominate your time, pulling you away from other important tasks. If you have decided it may not be the best use of your time or you’re new to investing, it’s likely time to hire a ...

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Thank You for 8 Great Years!


We just passed the 8 year anniversary of Longhorn III Investments’ funding its first loan.  I wanted to share a little history and thank a few folks who have contributed to Longhorn’s success along the way.

It all began with my mother and I funding the first loan for $142,000.  Neither of us knew much about the business, but we saw ...

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Evaluating Hard Money Lenders – Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Hard money lenders can be a great option for quick and easy access to capital for any renovation project.  With all of the options available to investors, it is important to know how to evaluate different lenders.  Building a great relationship with the right hard money lender on the front end can lead to more profitable projects and help you avoid costly delays.  Below ...

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5 Ways to Diversify Your Sourcing Strategy in Real Estate Investing

Real estate investors must move quickly if they want to beat the competition. Success is knowing where to find the most up-to-date property information.  Improve your odds by using some of these proven sources to find the best investment properties to buy.


Locate a Realtor who is experienced in locating investment properties and build a ...

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8 Ways to Tighten Up Your Rehab Process

Young businesswoman touching a button of property value concept

Like any successful endeavor, when you’re ready to rehab a property, you need a plan. A surefire way to waste valuable time and money is to go into a project helter-skelter—everything needs to be done according to a plan and in the right order. Here are some tips that can help you on your next ...

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5 Inexpensive Rehab Tips for Your Next Flip

oie_transparent (4)

Television shows on HGTV and other networks have portrayed the fix and flip process as seamless and easy with a quick payday at the end.  However to get buyers’ attention and sell a property quickly, the final product must have some wow factor.  A successful real estate investor knows how to impress buyers with an amazing product while maximizing profit at the same ...

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