New Construction Deals Podcast

Longhorn Investments’ Chief Operating Officer Jeremiah Garza joins the Longhorn Investment Podcast to discuss New Construction deals, in general, tips and suggestions, as well as how the current climate is impacting those pursuits.

How Does a Hard Money Loan Work?

Hard money loans are ideal for real estate investors who want to rehab and flip undervalued properties or take advantage of the brrrr (buy, renovate,rent, refinance, repeat) method.. But what, exactly, is a hard money loan – and how is it different from a conventional real estate loan?  Hard Money Lending for Beginners A hard… Read More »

How to Flip Houses in Dallas, Texas: What Every Investor Should Know

For investors who understand the market, flipping houses in Dallas can be a profitable exercise. They can generate significant revenue in a short period of time if they know their way around the industry and find the right opportunity. Before making the investment, though, there is a lot to learn. How to Start Flipping Houses… Read More »

Longhorn Learnings with Borrower Jasmine Mitchell

Jared chats with Longhorn Investments’ borrower Jasmine Mitchell about her experiences using hard money and Longhorn, her relationship with her loan consultant, Shere Clark, and how going this route helped her achieve her goals!

Longhorn Learning Series – The A to Z Hard Money Process Using Longhorn Investments

Longhorn Learning Series Part 1: Getting Pre-Approved How do you get pre-approved? Longhorn Investments’ Owner/CEO Michael Hoffman explains how you get pre-approved and helps you understand what’s required, and why while addressing commonly asked questions during this part of the process. Longhorn Learning Series Part 2: Pursuing a Deal You’re pre-approved and now it’s time… Read More »