How to Get Loans for Flipping Houses

House flipping is an incredibly lucrative real estate investing strategy that can see you bag excellent profits if done right. Last year alone, for instance, investors across the country flipped over 49,000 single-family units and condos at an average gross profit of $60,000 per property.  But as with any real estate investing strategy, flipping homes… Read More »

Making Money Moves Part 3 – Houston, Texas

Cal Beran of Longhorn III Investments is a veteran investor of more than 20 years. For the greater part of the last decade, he’s served other investors as a loan consultant for Longhorn to help them achieve their investment goals. In this episode of Making Money Moves: Houston hosted by Jared Sandler, Cal introduces Darryl… Read More »

Exit Strategies for Flip Projects: What You Need to Know

Anyone investing in real estate needs an exit strategy for that investment. The exit strategy drives the type of loan needed as well as the budget for repairs and additional expenses. Investors need to determine if this is a property they want to hold to generate rental income or flip quickly for a fast profit. … Read More »

Making Money Moves Part 2

Kylah, Eric, and Jared discuss the importance of building a team and walk through that process with real estate investor Nick Heit. They also go over some of the real-life challenges that Nick experienced in his successful deals. Nick discusses the importance of taking the time at the beginning to build a real estate team… Read More »

Making Money Moves

Eric Feldman (SVP of Sales & Marketing, Longhorn Investments) & Kylah Boyd (Investor-Focused Realtor, Texas Urban Living) join Jared Sandler for a conversation about how their worlds intersect. Eric teaches the basics and advantages of hard money from Longhorn Investments while Kylah shares what she offers clients in finding the right investment property. They also… Read More »