Do Real Estate Investors Really Need an LLC?

Are all LLC’s created equal? With the ease of forming Limited Liability Companies, (aka LLC’s) through inexpensive legal websites or the advice of different real estate educational programs, many investors think the first step in real estate investing is to set up an LLC. Just because a person forms an LLC, does not mean that… Read More »

Radio Show – CEO Michael Hoffman on Think Realty Radio

I had an awesome time being interviewed by Abhi Golhar on the Think Realty Radio show! I really enjoyed sharing the Longhorn story and discussing the current state of lending within our space. Real estate investing is always evolving and I hope the interview provides some interesting insights. Have a listen to the interview below… Read More »

Tips for Handling Evictions

To many first time landlords or even the more experienced ones, the E word, Eviction, is a scary one. It seems like something that only happens to unlucky homeowners or to those who have renters in high crime areas. While that is wishful thinking, a landlord should have a playbook and be prepared for that… Read More »

Evaluating Contractors: Avoid The Horrors With These 4 Tips

Any seasoned investor will tell you that finding the right contractor is critical for a successful renovation. The project may be a flip or rental, but in either circumstance the disposition is irrelevant. The wrong contractor can turn any potentially profitable deal into a financial nightmare. Below are some tips for evaluating contractors to ensure you… Read More »

New Website Launched Today

Welcome to Longhorn Investments’ new website! We are dedicated to providing the fastest, most reliable, and most professional lending experience in the industry today. Longhorn Investments was formed in 2008 with a goal to provide hard money loans to real estate investors throughout Texas. Since our inception, we have grown and expanded our footprint to… Read More »