Longhorn Learning Series: Hard Money Made Easy with Michael Hoffman & Christopher Friedl

Benefits of Hard Money: Leverage is a very powerful tool and the most beneficial tool to real estate investors if used properly. Using hard money loans you will: Minimize your cash out of pocket Buy 3 properties instead of 1 with the same amount of cash Strong as a cash buyer Closing as fast as… Read More »

Longhorn Learning Series: Creating the Right Entity & Series LLCs for Real Estate Investors

Many real estate investors have questions about selecting the right entity when starting their real estate investing business. Do you establish an LLC, LP, S-Corp, sole proprietor and/or one of the many other entities that are out there. Creating the right entity means everything when it comes to asset protection and taxation. Even if you… Read More »

Longhorn Learning Series: Tax Planning vs. Tax Preparation for Real Estate Investors

Watch this great webinar with active investor and CPA, Keith Borg. Keith is also a sponsor at Lifestyles Unlimited DFW where he gives numerous presentations on taxation for real estate investors. [su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eqy-qfPIv10″]

Texas Hard Money Lender Creates Educational Learning Series to Help Its Real Estate Investor Clients

Longhorn III Investments, LLC is rolling out a new educational & informational learning series for real estate investors called the Longhorn Learning Series. With access to so many professional well-respected companies & services, Longhorn felt that they were under-utilizing their relationships within the real estate investment community. Longhorn III Investments, LLC of Dallas, Texas is… Read More »