Radio Show – Pulling Back the Curtains to Private Lending & Owner Financing

In this program, Merrill Kaliser and Lynn Andris cover: How to analyze a property for Private Lending Discussion about Owner Financing Effective Methods for leveraging your hard money lenders experience and contacts Why becoming the bank puts you in the  driver seat when it comes to a deal Pitfalls of not having your exit strategy… Read More »

Radio Show – How Title Insurance Protects Your Ownership

In this radio show, Jeremiah Garza from First Western Title and Lynn Andris cover: How to Protect Yourself from Title Fraud How to Ensure that No One has Damaged Your Title to the property What Role Title Plays in your Real Estate Investing Business Key Differences Between Title as it Relates to Investment Property as… Read More »

Upcoming Event

Registration Complete for… What: Private networking mixer for real estate professionals Where: The Cellar (220 E. Las Colinas Blvd, Suite 260S, Irving, TX 75039) When: Next Friday – 7/15 from 5:00 – ??? Why: To explode your real estate investing business… Who: Flippers, Landlords, Private Landlords, Investors, Wholesalers, Lenders, Contractors….   If you have any… Read More »

What is a Hard Money Loan?

Okay.  You have heard (or maybe not) of the terms “Hard Money Lender” or “Hard Money Loan”.  What is a Hard Money Lender?  What is a Hard Money Loan?  Why is it “hard”?  What does all of this mean?  Is there easy money out there?  Ironically, “hard money” is the easiest money to find and… Read More »

Why Having an Accurate Appraisal by Your Hard Money Lender is Critical

As a real estate investor, it’s critical that you have a pretty good idea what a bank will appraise a property for once it has been rehabbed. A poor or aggressive appraisal by a hard money lender may seem attractive when you’re purchasing, but many times it will come back to bite you. If your… Read More »