Making Money Moves

Eric Feldman (SVP of Sales & Marketing, Longhorn Investments) & Kylah Boyd (Investor-Focused Realtor, Texas Urban Living) join Jared Sandler for a conversation about how their worlds intersect. Eric teaches the basics and advantages of hard money from Longhorn Investments while Kylah shares what she offers clients in finding the right investment property. They also… Read More »

How Does Hard Money Lending Differ from Conventional Lending?

Hard money lending is, in some ways, like a conventional loan. You apply for the loan. If you are approved, the loan is funded. You repay the loan, with interest, over a predetermined term. However, hard money lending differs from conventional bank loans in the details. Specifically, the application for hard money loans, the loan… Read More »

Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

If you own your home, your home equity may be your biggest asset. However, few people would consider home equity to be an investment asset because it does not produce income. Rather, its value comes as collateral on a home equity loan, home equity line of credit, or mortgage and it can only be monetized… Read More »

Costs to Remember When Investing in Real Estate

Investing in real estate will feel different for first-time real estate investors. This is particularly true for those who have only purchased real estate with the intention of living in the home. This is because home mortgages are governed by a different set of laws than business loans. Also, real estate investing is considered a… Read More »

Real Estate During COVID-19 Series: Video 3

Join Michael Hoffman and Eric Feldman of Longhorn Investments as they discuss the real estate environment during COVID-19. Learn about property pricing during the pandemic and why your comps and appraisals may be based on pre-pandemic pricing. This is important to keep in mind when the actual price of a property may have dropped by… Read More »