Longhorn Investments and MyREIAdvisor.com Create a FREE Online Hard Money Loan Presentation for Real Estate Investors

Longhorn III Investments, LLC, a leading source of hard money loans for serious real estate investors in Texas and Missouri has partnered with Selina Stoller of MyREIAdvisor.com to create and record a presentation called, “Hard Money Made Easy”. This presentation should be a reference to all real estate investors who are looking for Texas hard… Read More »

Longhorn Investments is Now a Proud Sponsor of Street REIA LLC to expand the St. Louis Hard Money Loan Product

Longhorn III Investments, LLC is now a proud sponsor of Street REIA LLC in St. Louis, Missouri. Back in early 2013 Longhorn announced through a press release that it was expanding it’s hard money lending operations to Missouri, specifically Kansas City and St. Louis. Over the past few months we have seen an overwhelmingly positive… Read More »

Longhorn III Investments, LLC Getting More Active as a St. Louis Hard Money Lender

Longhorn III Investments, LLC, a leading source of private financing for serious real estate investors in Missouri is getting more active as a St. Louis hard money lender. With the hiring of hard money lending Saint Louis Loan Consultants and vendor sponsorships of real estate investment clubs, Longhorn is investing in growing its presence as… Read More »

Longhorn is now lending in Missouri!

We’ve started funding St. Louis hard money loans & Kansas City hard money loans in Missouri. Below is a synopsis of the press release but you can also check it out here. The Texas real estate investment community is the bread and butter for Longhorn III Investments but they have just recently opened up lending… Read More »