South Dallas, TX Case Study
Purchase Price: $60,000
After Repair Value: $155,000
Rehab Estimate: $38,000
Sales Price: $161,000
About The Project

The borrowers located the property by mailing a call-to-action postcard to a non-owner occupied property list. There was a modest rehab needed which consisted of new flooring, kitchen cabinets, painting of the interior and exterior, and foundation work. In addition, an electrical panel needed to be updated. Since the property was bought at a deep discount, the purchase price and renovation were funded 100% by Longhorn Investments. These borrowers were extremely excited to keep some cash in their pocket for the next deal!

Roadblocks and Solutions

There was only one major obstacle encountered during the renovations. The borrowers discovered a flea infestation inside and outside of the house. The project came to a halt for a couple of weeks during the flea extermination process. Despite the setback, the borrowers were able to complete the renovation in less than three months and sell it for a substantial profit.