What is a hard money loan?

A hard money loan is simply a short-term loan that is used to acquire investment properties to rehab and either flip for resale or rent.

Why would it make sense to use a hard money loan?

A hard money loan allows a real estate investor to finance acquisition and renovation costs, which reduces out of pocket expense significantly. Hard money loans also close quickly and have less qualification requirements than conventional loans. These factors allow investors to compete for deals, retain needed capital, and maximize return on existing projects.

Why should I use Longhorn Investments to fund my deals?

Longhorn has a time-tested process with the ability to move quickly and efficiently in order to put our borrower in the best position to succeed.

Which types of properties do you lend on?

Single-Family, Multi-Family, and Commercial.

How fast can you close my deal?

The standard time to close is 3- 5 business days (depending on location). In some cases we can close in as quickly as 24 hours.

Where do you lend?

We lend in the major metropolitan areas of Texas, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, New Mexico, and Ohio.

Does my credit matter?

We have a 600 minimum credit requirement.

What is the criteria for your loans?

Longhorn will fund the acquisition and renovation costs of your project up to 70% of after repair value (ARV). Click here to see our hard money property criteria.

What are the loan costs?

See Loan Fees for all associated costs and fees.

How do I get pre-approved?

Easily! Follow the steps here and you’ll be walked through the process. Once your application is reviewed and approved we will send the Pre-Approval letter to you.

What is your draw process?

See Draw Process for details. You can also watch our Draw Process video.

Do I need an appraisal?

Yes. The appraisal will be ordered by Longhorn through an independent third party appraiser.

Are extensions granted?

Yes. Extensions may be granted on a case-by-case basis. Additional fees will apply.

What are the insurance requirements?

Click here for insurance requirements.

How can I get additional assistance on my deal?

To get additional assistance you can either call us at the office at 877-420-7346 or you can contact us.

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Thanks again. And the quality of your service is why I continue to use your team time and time again. Hoping to secure some more properties in the near future.

Licia K.