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Ryan Blake is the Regional Manager for the North Texas division of Longhorn III Investments. In 2006 he graduated Chapman University with a BS in Business Administration and a BFA in Film Production. He started as a corporate accountant for a fortune 100 company. During this time he became interested in real estate investing and started with his first flip in 2009. Quickly he was able to double his income with his investing and quit his nine to five job and go full-time as an investor. In 2018 he got the opportunity to work with Longhorn where he is able to use his experience to help new investors jump start their investing careers. 

He has now completed over 55 flips on top of collecting 10 long-term and short-term all since 2009. As of Q1 2023 he has helped close $83 million in loans with Longhorn and looks forward to helping many more people become financially independent. He does this through speaking at numerous groups throughout the North Texas Area and by having one-on-one consultations with Longhorn borrowers to be a resource as they problem solve issues that arise. He currently resides in Keller, TX where he lives with his wife and two young children.