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Dan Beaulieu is the regional manager for the Tennessee division of Longhorn III Investments. In 2009 he graduated from Massachusetts Maritime Academy and set out to be a ship captain, taking him on unique adventures all over the world. The intense hours and months at Sea eventually had him searching for something greater. In 2016, Dan discovered a passion for flipping houses and realized that real estate was the answer to gaining his freedom, and he was able to leave his previous life behind. To this day he has completed over 40 renovations and has accumulated over 100 rental units, and now focuses on large multifamily syndication projects while still flipping several houses per year.   

In 2018, Dan came to Longhorn Investments to represent the company in the Tennessee markets while continuing his own REI journey. With a focus on adding value to other investors, he was able to become “the go-to guy” for fix and flip loans, inevitably because of his passion for helping others get started down the same path that has led to his own financial freedom. He currently resides in Knoxville, Tennessee with his Wife and 2 wonderful Labradors.