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Kelsie Kinsley has worked in investment real estate sales for the past 10 years and got her start as the disposition's agent for the largest wholesaler in Middle Tennessee where she sold over 100 properties a year by developing relationships with local investors. In growing with the company, she became the dispositions manager to lead a team of salespeople, develop systems and advise the construction department on their renovations. She has also worked in commercial real estate with a focus on multifamily investments and helped her clients find and sell properties according to their larger investing goals.

As an investor herself, she has renovated several houses for resale and owns rental properties as well. Her reputation of being accessible, helpful, diligent, and honest in her dealings with clients has allowed her to be successful across the board. She prides herself on being able to assist her clients at Longhorn Investments underwrite their deals on the front end, so that they can make the best offer with the least amount of money out of pocket. She has also started a podcast entitled “Honey!” which focuses on the basics of getting started in real estate investing and how hard money allows anyone with the drive to succeed the opportunity to invest. She is passionate about educating others on real estate investing to build generational wealth and looks for opportunities to share her knowledge to do so.

When she is not working, Kelsie is busy being a mama to two little girls, kayaking the beautiful waterways of Tennessee, gardening, listening to live music and of course, looking for houses to buy!