Longhorn III Investments, LLC Getting More Active as a St. Louis Hard Money Lender

Longhorn III Investments, LLC, a leading source of private financing for serious real estate investors in Missouri is getting more active as a St. Louis hard money lender. With the hiring of hard money lending Saint Louis Loan Consultants and vendor sponsorships of real estate investment clubs, Longhorn is investing in growing its presence as a Saint Louis hard money lender.

Recently, Longhorn III Investments announced the expansion of their lending services to Missouri, primarily in the greater St. Louis area and the Missouri side of Kansas City. With that announcement came a wave of interest from prospective borrowers, partners and eventual Loan Consultants of Longhorn. With such a positive response from the market, Longhorn will make all efforts to grow their Missouri Hard Money Lending business as successful as their Texas based lending business.

“When doing research we knew the St. Louis real estate market was very active and could be a place where Longhorn III Investments could grow ,” said Michael Hoffman, President of Longhorn III Investments, LLC. “The laws for real estate lenders and investors is very friendly like it is here in Texas and that was an important factor in making the decision to begin lending in St. Louis. We spoke to numerous local real estate professionals before making the jump and they all said the same thing. That our St. Louis hard money loan product would be very well received. After building out the internal staff to handle Saint Louis hard money loans I knew it was only a matter of time before we started seeing traction.”

“Since being assigned to the St. Louis market a month or so ago I have seen a huge amount of interest from the local real estate community,” stated Ryan Kimura, VP of Sales & Business Development at Longhorn III Investments. “We hope to be able to visit Saint Louis a few times before the end of the year and do a couple of joint seminars for the real estate community. Not only do we feel we have a superior hard money loan product but we also feel that the education and information that we provide at no cost is second to none. The more time we spend and the more people that we talk to in the real estate community the more we know we are on the right track. Many investors and borrowers that we have spoken to are happy to hear that there is a new St. Louis hard money lender in the market because it means that the St. Louis real estate market is strong and attractive. Longhorn hopes to make that already strong market even stronger.”