Longhorn Investments is Now a Proud Sponsor of Street REIA LLC to expand the St. Louis Hard Money Loan Product

Longhorn III Investments, LLC is now a proud sponsor of Street REIA LLC in St. Louis, Missouri. Back in early 2013 Longhorn announced through a press release that it was expanding it’s hard money lending operations to Missouri, specifically Kansas City and St. Louis. Over the past few months we have seen an overwhelmingly positive response to our St. Louis hard money loan product, also known as a St. Louis rehab loan, and thus we are actively looking for vendor sponsorships with active real estate investment clubs & organizations in the greater St. Louis area like Street REIA with Gary Tretter.

Just like in most real estate markets across the country, St. Louis has had a resurgence in its real estate market. As real estate values bottomed, interest rates stayed at historic lows and with the availability of attractive investment real estate properties it has created a very strong real estate investment market in St. Louis. Longhorn Investments did extensive research to determine if St. Louis was a good fit for our hard money loan product. After speaking with multiple experienced real estate investors from St. Louis, and making a few trips there, we found that a St. Louis hard money lender or St. Louis rehab lender would be very well received.  So far that has played out as our St. Louis hard money loan product seems to be filling a need for real estate investors in the great St. Louis area.

When we went back to those same trusted investors for their opinions on great active real estate investment clubs & organizations, Street REIA with Gary Tretter was one of the first names that come up. If you live in St. Louis or the surrounding area mark your calendar for the second Tuesday of every month for this great FREE no cost meeting for all real estate investors, new to experienced. Hope to see you at the next one!