Longhorn is now lending in Missouri!

We’ve started funding St. Louis hard money loans & Kansas City hard money loans in Missouri. Below is a synopsis of the press release but you can also check it out here.

The Texas real estate investment community is the bread and butter for Longhorn III Investments but they have just recently opened up lending in other markets. The first market that Longhorn will be lending in is Missouri. Longhorn plans to open at least one other market, maybe more in 2013.

“The price points for real estate, the availability of real estate investing opportunities and the laws in the state of Missouri mirror that of Texas pretty closely,” said Michael Hoffman, President of Longhorn III Investments, LLC. “This makes the learning curve of a new market and understanding a new market very short if that market mirrors Texas. We have done our research on Missouri, we have current borrower relationships in Missouri and we have added Loan Consultants in Missouri on behalf of Longhorn. Although there is competition in the market place we feel Longhorn will be able to brand itself as the prominent real estate investment lending partner, as we have in Texas, with all the experience, expertise and information we have to offer any real estate investor. We are just extremely excited to finally start lending in Missouri!”

Not all private/hard money lenders in St.  are the same. Longhorn III Investments, LLC is your lending partner in real estate investments! Their experience, expertise and access to sister companies that deal with title, legal and/or accounting make Longhorn one of the best additions to your real estate investing power team. The one stop shop for real estate investing services makes them a unique partner that most other companies can’t provide. Call them for pre-approval today!

“Being that I am from the Midwest, I have family in Kansas City and many relationships in St. Louis, it made the most sense for Missouri to be our first market to offer loans other than Texas,” stated Christopher Friedl, VP of Marketing at Longhorn III Investments. “I have always known the real estate investment community in Missouri to be very active because I have two family members, Mike & Robert Friedl, who are active investors in Missouri using our loan products for their personal fix and flips & fix and rent properties business. So, not only do we have examples of current investors in Missouri using our loan products but they also act as Loan Consultants for the market as well. There is no better representative for your loan products than actual active real estate investor borrowers.”