Longhorn Learning Series – The A to Z Hard Money Process Using Longhorn Investments

November 09, 2021

Longhorn Learning Series Part 1: Getting Pre-Approved

How do you get pre-approved? Longhorn Investments’ Owner/CEO Michael Hoffman explains how you get pre-approved and helps you understand what’s required, and why while addressing commonly asked questions during this part of the process.

Longhorn Learning Series Part 2: Pursuing a Deal

You’re pre-approved and now it’s time to find the right deal. Learn from Longhorn Investments’ Owner/CEO Michael Hoffman on best practices when pursuing a deal, what he’s learned over more than decade in this business about what characteristics bode well for sustained success, and Longhorn’s “common sense approach” that helps put borrowers in a position to succeed. He also addresses commonly asked questions.

Longhorn Learning Series Part 3: Now I Have a Deal… What’s Next?

Getting a property under contract is merely the next step in the process. Longhorn Investments’ Owner/CEO Michael Hoffman explains what’s next and how the process flows from that point moving forward including key elements such as the scope of the work, the appraisal, and, of course, the funding and the rehab.