Making Money Moves Part 3 – Houston, Texas

September 22, 2020

Cal Beran of Longhorn III Investments is a veteran investor of more than 20 years. For the greater part of the last decade, he’s served other investors as a loan consultant for Longhorn to help them achieve their investment goals. In this episode of Making Money Moves: Houston hosted by Jared Sandler, Cal introduces Darryl Smith, an investor who started out as a total newbie but now has increased his net worth by $250,000 in a very short time. Darryl shares his story of getting in the game, the value of Hard Money, why Cal specifically and Longhorn in general helped to make things happen.  Also Darryl shares how the valuable insight and experience provided by Longhorn Investments helped him to overcome challenges along the way.

Darryl came to Cal without a mentor or a coach and with a full-time job as an IT consultant. He was open to the process and emphasized the importance of listening and patience. As Darryl mentions during the episode, he represents any random person off the street interested in investing in real estate. He had no prior connections or tremendous resources before his introduction into the real estate investing world, but listened, learned, took the right chances, and put himself in a great spot!

One of the themes of the discussion is the partnership and relationship between Cal and Darryl. At Longhorn Investments, borrowers aren’t just a number or a statistic. Driven by relationships with their borrowers, Longhorn Investment consultants like Cal work hard for each of their borrowers and make themselves available at all times to answer questions, problem solve, or advise. The team dynamic demonstrated by Cal and Darryl is by no means unique to the philosophy demonstrated throughout the company. Longhorn operates with a fund of more than $100 million, but their customer service suggests that each borrower is their most important. Don’t believe it? Their repeat business from people such as Darryl is a credit to the Longhorn operation from top to bottom.

Longhorn III Investments lends in six states: Texas, Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, and Indiana.

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