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Finance your real estate investment projects quickly through Longhorn Investments’ hard money lenders in Fort Smith. We help real estate buyers and investors obtain capital to purchase new property or fund projects like flipping and renovations.

Fort Smith in Sebastian County, Arkansas, was a western frontier military post in 1817. In the 1820s, it became a trading hub and center for migration to the western region – the “Wild West” – of the United States. Today, Fort Smith is one of the biggest cities in Western Arkansas and attracts many tourists from all over the country.

Fort Smith is known for its theaters and venues for concerts, touring theater companies, conventions, and other events. The city is also the main shopping destination in Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma, boasting many shopping locations such as Central Mall on Rogers Avenue, the biggest indoor shopping center in the state. Fort Smith has also preserved many historic buildings and landmarks, such as the Fort Smith National Historic Site and the 22-block Belle Grove Historic District.

With the city gearing for growth and a competitive housing market attracting many migrants from other states, now could be a good time to invest in real estate in Fort Smith.

Don’t miss an incredible opportunity to acquire real estate property that will generate passive income for years! If you need funding, apply for Fort Smith hard money loans and get fantastic rates and terms at Longhorn Investments.

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We are a direct private lender providing real estate acquisition and renovation capital. Our short-term, 6-month loans are excellent for rental and fixer-upper owners wanting to renovate and flip properties but don’t have enough capital on hand. If you need funds faster than your local bank can give them, our hard money lenders in Fort Smith can help.

Contact Longhorn Investments for convenient, fast, and reliable hard money loans.

Below is what you can expect from our services:

Up to 75% ARV (excluding points and fees)
Finance up to 100% of Cost
Close in 3-5 Business Days
No W-2's, Tax Returns, or Pay Stubs Required
First Time Investors Encouraged

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Fort Smith Hard Money Client Testimony

Thank you so much for all the work and support you gave us through our house purchase/ renovation processes. It really helps things go smoothly when you have a good team on your side. While our renovations are coming to a close, I look forward to our next deal(s) in the upcoming months.

Maria S.

Just did a hard money loan with Longhorn. They helped walk me through the steps and made sure I understood the process. This is my first loan and I plan to use them again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Thanks Guys

Robb A.
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My experience was great! This was my first flip. The process was much easier than what I was thinking. I would definitely use them again and recommend this company.

Pamela L