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The capital city of Austin, Texas, is one of the best places to consider investing in property. People are drawn to the Texas capital’s rich history, outdoor spaces, and cultural institutions. Austin is also known for its eclectic art scene and vibrant nightlife, being named the Live Music Capital of the World, and is quickly becoming one of America’s favorite tourist destinations.

With so much in store, Austin will likely grow over the next few years. For investors looking for lucrative opportunities, this means leveraging the city’s growth and looking toward real estate investing. However, finding a choice property will require capital or a reliable source of financing.

If you’re short on time and funding, your best solution is to seek hard money lenders in Austin that you can depend on. Now is the time to get in the game - Longhorn Investments is here to help!

Austin Hard Money Loans from Longhorn Investments

Longhorn Investments is one call away, ready to provide you with the funding you need. Whether you are flipping or renting, we’re one of the hard money lenders in Austin that provides the funding and services that real estate investors need.

Our hard money lending services enable investors to maximize real estate investment opportunities in today’s growing Austin market.

The lending solutions and assistance we provide our Austin buyers include the following:

  • Up to 75% After Repair Value (excluding points and fees)
  • Finance up to 100% of the Cost
  • Close in three to five Business Days
  • No W-2s, Tax Returns, or Pay Stubs Required
  • First-Time Investors Encouraged

Why Choose Longhorn Investments?

We stand out from other hard money lenders in Austin for all the right reasons:


Receive the funding you need for time-sensitive situations as soon as possible. Our streamlined process takes no more than five business days, minimizing delays on your investments.


We are a direct private lender with operations throughout Texas, Missouri, Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, and Georgia. Our process is as straightforward and transparent as it gets.


We’ve worked with borrowers taking out loans for various investment strategies. Our offices have complementary real estate businesses to help you with your transactions.

Austin Hard Money Client Testimony

Just did a hard money loan with Longhorn. They helped walk me through the steps and made sure I understood the process. This is my first loan and I plan to use them again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Thanks Guys

Robb A.

Thank you so much for all the work and support you gave us through our house purchase/ renovation processes. It really helps things go smoothly when you have a good team on your side. While our renovations are coming to a close, I look forward to our next deal(s) in the upcoming months.

Maria S.
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Thank you for your quick reply. You all have been so great to work with, I really appreciate your excellent customer service.

Laura W.