Longhorn Investments and MyREIAdvisor.com Create a FREE Online Hard Money Loan Presentation for Real Estate Investors

Longhorn III Investments, LLC, a leading source of hard money loans for serious real estate investors in Texas and Missouri has partnered with Selina Stoller of MyREIAdvisor.com to create and record a presentation called, “Hard Money Made Easy”. This presentation should be a reference to all real estate investors who are looking for Texas hard money loans, Missouri hard money loans, and Indiana hard money loans.

Longhorn III Investments has been on the road to expansion in 2013. Longhorn has expanded its operations to do St. Louis hard money loansKansas City hard money loans, and Indianapolis hard money loans. They still have a strong footprint in the Texas market as they have been a Houston hard money lenderSan Antonio hard money lender, Austin hard money lender, Fort Worth and Dallas hard money lender for the past 5 years. With all this new expansion comes new relationships and new opportunities. Opportunities like being on the MyREIAdvisor.com radio blog show with Selina Stoller.

“I have worked with Selina and MyREIAdvisor.com in the past at my previous company,” said Ryan Kimura, VP of Sales & Business Development for Longhorn III Investments, LLC. “She always seemed to have great information provided by reputable professionals for the real estate investor. When she called and asked if we were interested in being involved we jumped at the opportunity. Not only has Longhorn been thinking about expanded its product offering to include Indianapolis, Indiana but networking and reconnecting with a valued real estate professional like Selina Stoller could only help us the Longhorn Investment brand. We hope to get back on Selina’s schedule again soon to talk even more in depth about hard money lenders and real estate investing.”

Hard Money Loans Made Easy recording:http://www.myreiadvisor.com/teleclass-113-michael-hoffman-hard-money-loans-made-easy.html

“I am constantly on the lookout for valuable content partners for my database of national real estate investors who listen to my radio blog,” stated Selina Stoller, Owner of MyREIAdvisor.com. “Working with Ryan in the past I always knew he had great content and extensive knowledge about multiple aspects of real estate investing. When I heard he moved to a hard money lender that had had legal, accounting, title and other real estate investment related service, I knew I had to have Longhorn on the MyREIAdvisor.com radio blog. During the presentation I noticed many area codes from across the country that I didn’t recognize. It just proved to me that Longhorn has great information that real estate investors want to have and they have a great reputation and following across the country. They have been truly a partner that I plan to bring back numerous times to be on the MyREIAdvisor.com radio blog.” (Full Press Release Click Here)